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The Hawkster Report: Celebrity News

29 Jun

Tom Cruise, the star of Mission Impossible and Giant Wife divorce!

Did Katy Perry marry her brother?

Katy Perry is one big fat liar.

Katy Perry’s life story:

Tom Cruise divorces everyone:

Common myths about celebrities dispelled:

Run-away Bride Meets Mission Impossible, Ex-Wives United:  Katie Perry escapes from Tom Cruise:


Relationship Advice

28 Jun

For ways to save your marriage look here.

Ask a redneck life coach for advice here.

How to make your wife have more sex (with you)

27 year old mother looks 57

27 Jun

How does a 27 year old mother look 57?  Easy! She reads this blog and follows the advice!

For History Buffs

23 Jun

Quiz: Why did the slaves yell “I am Spartacus” at the end of the 1960 movie “Spartacus”?  Find answer here.

The Current Affairs

21 Jun

Dateline: June 21, 2012.  Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son just revealed that he, too, had been molested by Sandusky. Do we need to know anymore before we pass judgment? Not me.  I’m ready. Here is an analysis.

Did you know that Katy Perry is a big fat liar?  Not that it matters.  She’s just a young celebrity.  But it’s still funny how self-absorbed so many of these too young to be too rich celebrities are.

Hawkster Report: Feeding the tummy

21 Jun

Hawkster Report: Feeding the tummy.

Hawkster Report: How to start smoking.

Hawkster Report: Feeding the tummy

21 Jun

In this series of blogs we examine the best recipes for the best foods in the world.  Without further ado, let’s start with a heavenly New York style cheesecake recipe!  Enjoy!

It’s great to be a smoker.  The many advantages of smoking are outlined here.