Do 57 year old mothers look 27?

18 Jun

Of course they do!  If my great grandpa can do backflips or get a scholarship for USC as a quarterback then 57 year old mothers look 27.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the way commercials are increasingly outrageous. There are a variety of advertising which “stretch” reality *just* a little bit. In a series of blogs, starting with “27 year old looking 57 year old mother” we shall examine this advertising phenomenon.  Look in this space for more advertising gems.

And while on the subject of pet peeves,  do you too hate it when people in front of you are more concerned with texting the latest minutia of their lives than making sure they don’t start a freeway pile-up?  How about the guy who takes up three parking spots when the parking lot is full already.  Or the old drivers who insist on driving cars larger than their homes? Check out this new blog on driving pet peeves.


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