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The JordyFlip: In defense of Mark Cuban

10 Jul

In the coming days and months there will be revelations about what went down that led to both the verbal commitment of DeAndre Jordan to Mark Cuban as well as DJ backing out of the deal before the deadline.  There are serious questions of conduct about Cuban’s machinations prior to the verbal agreement.  They include whether Cuban dispatched his players to contact DJ prior to the NBA-mandated July 1st starting date.  There are also allegations of collusion by DJ’s agent, Fegan, who is both a close friend of Mark Cuban as well as Chandler Parsons’ agent. But those are allegations and speculations.  Until substantiated, Cuban is innocent.

What is known is that DJ had a verbal commitment to Mark Cuban to join the Mavs, leaving the Clippers behind.  Cuban considered DJ the centerpiece of his future team around whom he would construct the necessary pieces.  His previous attempts to land big-name megastars had all failed, and in fact two of his existing pieces had left the team.  Furthermore, he had made additional moves that were partially based on the assumption that DJ would join the Mavs.  DJ began to have second thoughts almost immediately after his verbal commitment.  This brings to question: why was this allowed to go this far?  The change of heart soon after the verbal commitment clearly indicates his heart was never fully in it.  Cuban, like any other owner, is competing to attract top talent for his team. He can not be faulted for doing all that is within his power and ethics to keep up with the field. It is the job of the agent to gauge both his client’s wants and needs, as well as to do the same for the teams doing the chasing, in addition to making sure whatever deal happens is ideal for all involved.  That requires heart-to-heart discussions with all and a professional, no-nonsense approach.  There can be no room for promising one team to deliver your client to them if that’s not what the player really wants.  Manipulating the player to live up to your promise can only lead to disaster, because either the player goes through with a deal he wasn’t fully committed to and lives a life of misery for the team, or the player backs out the first chance he gets, as DJ did in this case.

The agent is the one who failed the Mavericks fans, who failed DJ and stained the rest of his career with the image of a dishonorable man, and who failed Mark Cuban and his attempt to deliver a competitive product to the city of Dallas.  Dan Fegan was strangely absent during the surreal lead-up to the Clippers contingent congregating at DJ’s Houston house, while Mark Cuban was supposedly driving around town and begging people for DJ’s home address (most likely a preposterous and made-up allegation).  Where was Fegan during that whole ordeal?  If he wasn’t present while DJ was signing the contract with the Clippers that would constitute a clear sign of Fegan’s failure to do his job.  If DJ fires him in the near future it should come as no surprise to anyone.

If DJ was to have a change of heart, he owed it to Cuban and to all of basketball to face Cuban like a man and to explain his change of heart.  It could have been something as simple as “Mark, I made a terrible mistake.  I am sorry.  I can’t take the job and be miserable for the next fours because it wouldn’t be fair to you.  My agent failed you and me, and I failed you.  I beg for your forgiveness.”

Mark Cuban is rightly aggrieved.  Get off his back.


SHOCKING NEWS: Mark Cuban is not a man of his word!

9 Jul

You heard that right.

When Mark Cuban thought he had bagged DeAndre Jordan he admitted it was either sign DeAndre Jordan or tank.  Multiple reports have confirmed this.  Dallas has not been able to sign any megastars for quite a while now.  With Tyson and Ellis abandoning ship and an aging Dirk Nowitzki losing stuff fast, Dallas was hemorrhaging blood while not able to replenish it.  His only big name signing has been Parsons last year (which hasn’t paid off yet), Rajon Rondo (which backfired big time) and a verbal commitment from Wes Matthews for this year.


So, it was quite logical for Dallas to either blow it up, tank and rebuild, or sign a couple of big names and rebuild and repair around them.  Cuban’s plan was to acquire DJ and build the team around him as the center piece.  And it is further logical to assume if DJ hadn’t signed (or in this case, backed out of a verbal commitment), Cuban has no choice to tank.

So, is he a man of his word and is he going to tank or not?  In which case… he should be trading away all his remaining big names (including Dirk and Parsons) to be able to lose games and tank.  Instead he tried to softly get Wes Matthews to back out of his verbal commitment!  Oh, sure, he makes it sound like he wants to be fair, but what’s the use of signing Wes Matthews if he’s trying to tank?


Here is the thing: If Cuban signs Wes Matthews then he’s not planning to tank, and that means he’s not a man of his word because we all heard him say he would have tanked without signing DeAndre Jordan!  And if he doesn’t sign Wes Matthews, again, he’s not a man of his word because he had committed to Wes Matthews verbally as much as Wes Matthews had committed to Cuban verbally.

See folks, it’s a two way street. What you just read was an exercise in sophistry, the type that you have been seeing in this soap opera. You can parse people’s words and intentions and attach these idiotic labels of “such and such “is not a man of his words”, etc.  When your kid does something wrong and you yell at them “I am going to kill you!” how often do you keep your word?  Yeah, I know that’s a ridiculous assertion because those words were uttered in anger without much thinking but the logic of “keeping your word” doesn’t make exceptions. Let’s take more serious cases into account.  More than fifty percent of all people who stand in front of the altar and say “I do… until death do us apart” not only back out of those words, they actually break an actual, written contract.  Just about every person who tells their lover “I will love you forever” is going to back out of their words.  Every company who lays off their “permanent employees” is lying.  Yes, I know those are all different situations, but the logic is the same.  The trouble in calling someone “not a man of their word” is you are calling everyone on the planet “not a person of their word”.

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